Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome to 2009

What an absolutely wonderful day. I hope the following day's turn out to be as good as this one! We (Danny, Bethany, Joseph and I) met up with Mum and Dad at Spencer Park. Spencer Park is about 20 minutes from the city. There is a beach, a park, playground for the kids etc. Today and tomorrow is a festival, there are kid's rides, food, and the thing I like most of all was the flea market.
A view of some of the market stalls, you can see what a wonderful clear day, and turned out to be a very hot 28 deg, both Bethany and myself have terrible sunburnt arms...that wasn't so good.
These are the things I got today, basil,parsley, a old fashioned cigarette case with Queen Elizabeth II on it (I will use to store my business cards), teaspoons more details below. The other great things I got was an aromatherapy book, some Lavender essential oil, and some soy wax melts. For a full range of the aromatherapy products go to

I wanted to start a collection of these Apostle spoons, I was able to fossick around and found six teaspoons and a sugar spoon and also a jam spoon.
And to top off a lovely day we popped into Mum and Dad's and picked some flowers from the garden. A selection of fragrant roses, sweetpeas and daisies.